Quality policy

The Company emphasises the need to meet and maintain all our quality expectations by: 

- Committing to operating a Quality System in compliance with ISO 9001.

- Ensuring compliance with relevant industry specific standards and all statutory, regulatory and legal requirements.

- Constantly pursuing the quality, value and reliability of service to Clients and striving to meet and, where possible, exceed Client expectations, thereby maximizing total satisfaction.

- Enhancing the skills of management and staff through review and actively pursuing an on-going training policy, the objective of which is to prepare staff to perform their work more effectively and improve their professional skills.

- Ensuring that all the responsibilities for recruiting, familiarizing, and placing seafarers to marine vessels in conformity with ILO MLC 2006 are timely and efficiently satisfied and that, to the extent that is determined by the Company, seafarers are provided onboard ships with a safe working environment free of safety, health and environmental hazards;

- Providing qualified and competent personnel to vessels and monitoring the performance of seafarers recruited.